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Welcome to "Javara Motors"!

2012Our company was founded in 2012 in Czech Republic. We’ve started as a car dealer, relying more on car sales brokerage.

2013Starting with September 2013, seeing that the market demand exceeds the local supply in Czech Republic we have started to import used vehicles from Germany. We began by signing partnerships with several dealers from Germany, importing the vehicles they had for sale. With the expanding auto market it began to appear more and more dealers that were importing vehicles from Germany. Seeing that the market is becoming increasingly competitive, our company has felt the need for a major change in order to remain one step ahead of our competition.

2014As a result, in January 2014, after the general meeting of the company’s board, it was decided to start a new division that will participate in public or private auctions organized by different auction houses in Europe, among the best known being Autorola.es, BCA-Europe.com, Carsontheweb.com, Caroutlet.eu. Our prices fell and sales volume has grown exponentially. We quickly became one of the leading car dealers in the Czech Republic, with an annual increase in turnover of over 40%. Some of our competitors have started to learn our methods. We’ve quickly felt the need to reinvent ourselves and planned to take our next step in this business.

2014Early 2014, our company has been accepted as the only company outside Germany to participate in private auctions organized by German Banks or German Lease Companies. At this auctions, we were fighting competition from fourteen other companies, for a place among the three companies that had access to the fleet of vehicles recovered from bad paying customers. Needless to mention that our offer was among the three winning bids. From the moment we’ve started to sell bank (lease) vehicles, our company had a spectacular increase in turnover. From a turnover of €3,9 million in 2014, our company quickly reached a turnover of €6,6 million for 2013. Turnover increased annually, reaching in the first half of 2015 a value of €8,9 million.

2015In mid 2015 vehicle sales outside the Czech Republic reached a share of 60% of our turnover. Currently, our company is looking to expand the investment portfolio and we intend to reach a turnover of about €30 million in the next couple of years. To achieve this goal our company will participate in all auctions organized by European banks, hoping to obtain exclusivity to sell the vehicle fleets recovered from loans, leases or credit.

All the vehicles offered for sale by our company are in perfect working condition and are accompanied by a certificate of inspection. This certificate is issued after a thorough vehicle check by our service experts. Thus, we ensure that the vehicle description from our website is as accurate as possible.

The vehicles offered for sale on our website are registered in Germany, to private persons or companies. This vehicles are recovered by banks or lease companies from debtors (bad payers) that are based in Germany.

Our motto is “Quality beats price!”. For this reason, the most important thing for everyone in the company is to offer the end customer a high quality product. This way, we make sure that our clients will return to us for a future purchase. Moreover, a high quality product will ensure our company of good feedback from our client and the possibility that they recommend us to his friends and relatives.

To be closer to our customers and show our gratitude our company offers at the end of each transaction a voucher worth €750. This voucher can be used for a future purchase and is valid two years from the issuance date. The voucher can be used by its rightful owner or can be transferred to any other person. If the voucher is transferred to another person, the beneficiary of the voucher must provide us by e-mail the unique voucher code released to the rightful holder.

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